Lucy Stariha grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.  She has 5 beautiful sisters and grew up working in the family Bridal alterations business, sewing, beading, and making veils.  She thrives in wide open landscapes but loves being with people, especially family and friends.

Artist Statement

The furniture never changed in the houses I grew up in.  We never repainted and have used the same dishes for as long as I can remember.  When I looked at these rooms empty for the first time, the bare spaces were jarring and the emptiness of every corner weighed heavily.  The rooms became boxes of straight lines and sharp angles.  I am trying to put this down on paper: people don’t live in houses of bright pink and baby blue, neon grass doesn’t grow on lawns, and light does not fall through opaque windows.


©Photo by Jacklyn Cacho

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